CovidSafe Arrangements

Access to Campus and CovidSafe Arrangements

Approval has been granted for limited on campus and off campus activities (see below).

If you are approved to access campus, it is essential that you adhere to the DHHS and RMIT protocols.  

Wear a mask and do not eat inside.  

MPORTANT: To access campus to complete practical work outside of class time (or as an HDR) complete the expression of interest form

You must have an RMIT issued "Authorised Worker Permit" to come onto campus and access Equipment Loans. If you do not have one but have been approved to come onto campus please apply here: RMIT Authorised Worker Permit Application

Make sure you have the appropriate permissions, booking confirmations and permits and your Student ID before travelling to campus or undertaking an approved off-campus activity.

Your questions answered:   

How do I apply for a permit? 

Apply here: RMIT Authorised Worker Permit Application  

Don’t forget to select ‘Design and Social Context’ as your College/Portfolio on the permit form. 

Permits can take up to 3 days to be issued. You will be emailed from someone in Design and Social Context with your permit attached. Make sure you have your permit with you when you leave your 10km limit to come on campus. 

Permits are only issued to students/candidates who have permission to be on campus 

How do I request access for Learner Directed Hours or to complete work for my HDR milestone?

Access for learner directed hours (work that is done independently outside of class time) is now permitted for students in Fine Art and Photographyand HDR candidates,  to complete practical work on campus for one of the following reasons: 

  1. You are a final year student and cannot complete your work remotely 
  2. You are a non-final year student and cannot complete your assessment tasks remotely 
  3. You are an HDR candidate and cannot complete work for milestones remotely 

 To request access: 

  1. Complete the expression of interest form 
  2. You will receive a confirmation email from the School of Art Academic Services team (this can take up to one week) if your request is approved based on one of the reasons above. 
  3. Make sure you have a permit before coming onto campus (see ‘How do I apply for a permit’ above)  

Access is restricted to the following times: 

Photography Schedule  
Fine Art Schedule 

How do I install works for my HDR examination?  

  1. Contact your supervisor to request access to campus, including specifying install and de-installation time. Please send the request at least 3 working days in advance of installation. 
  2. You will receive a notification from the university to apply for a permit 

How to loan equipment from the School of Art Loan Stores 

Open by Booking

Mon, Tues and Thurs 9:30 – 4:30

  1. Confirm that you will need to loan equipment from the Loan Store/s during Lockdown 6 and identify your permit status by completing this form.   
  2. Submit your loan request to or, specifying the equipment and desired collection time.   
    See list of available equipment.   
    Please make your booking 48 hours in advance.    
  3. A technician will contact you (phone or email) to confirm requirements and agree drop off and collection dates and times.    
    This ensures that all your equipment needs are identified, equipment is available and reduces your exposure risk by minimising the number of times you need to travel to campus.     
  4. A technician will send you a booking confirmation to your RMIT email. This email confirms the date, time and collection/return location. You must have received this email before attending campus.   
  5. Collect/return your item/s outside building 2 or building 9 as specified in the booking confirmation email. Campus map.  

How to take photographs within my 10km radius?

You will need a special permit to take photographs outside your home during lockdown.  

1.      Please complete this form

2.      Complete the permit request process as per the instructions in the form from step 1.  

 Please ensure you have a permit before undertaking this activity to ensure you are in line with current Victorian Government restrictions

Can I attend classes on campus?  

Some select classes have been approved for access to campus.   

 You will be advised directly via Canvas if this is one of your classes and you will be asked to complete a form to be issued with a permit. A permit stating you have access to attend campus for classes will then be issued.  

Please ensure you have a permit before undertaking this activity to ensure you are in line with current Victorian Government restrictions 

Where can I eat lunch on campus?
Meal breaks can be taken in the Garden Building, Level 6 (on Bowen Street). The area has been set up with microwaves in the kitchenette. Your swipe card will give you access.
The space will be available for those staff and students working on campus all day for breaks or between classes, it is not to be used as a gathering space pre or post classes.
It is also acceptable to eat in outdoor areas of the RMIT campus if the weather permits.

I am approved for learner directed hours on campus, how do I book in to use technical facilities or workshops?    

If you are approved for learner directed access to campus, and need to access School of Art workshops, sound/video labs and photographic printing, etc, please contact the relevant technical officer to discuss your requirements and make a booking. More information can be found in the School of Art Technical Services Canvas portal.  
School of Art Loan Stores phone numbers are:  

Building 02: Phone: (03) 9925 2991 Building 09 Phone: (03) 9925 104


Technical Officer Name  


Workshop - Printmaking  

Kyoko Imazu - Mon, Tues, Wed  

Workshop - Printmaking  

Jennifer Tarry-Smith - Wed, Thur, Fri

Workshop – Gold & Silversmithing  

Samuel Mertens  

Workshop - Ceramics  

Ingrid Maklary  

Workshop - Sculpture  

Duncan Freedman  

Digital – Loans, Video, Sound  

Building 9 Loans Store Gabriel Nilsen Michael Quinlan - Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri Tim Catlin - Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri  

Digital – Loans, Photo  

Building 9 Loans Store Gabriel Nilsen Jessica Curry - Mon, Tues, Wed Robert Harding - Thur, Fri 

Studio – Painting, Drawing, MFA, MAPS, HDR, Gallery 

Andre Liew Ceri Hann Raphael Buttonshaw