SoA Graduation Activities

On Campus Graduate Show 2022 


In 2022 we are having TWO on campus graduate shows. These presentations will be open to the public and will be accompanied by opening night events. These are important and significant events to give you a professional exhibition opportunity and provide broad exposure for your work – it is a significant event in the Melbourne calendar. It is also a chance to celebrate your achievements and share these with friends and family.  

Students are responsible for installing/deinstalling their works with support and guidance from academic and technical staff.   

NB: Each show will require students to invigilate the spaces – for public safety, security and to enable the public to hear about your peer’s work and your own. The invigilation schedule will be organised by each area – contact your Program Manager or Lead Academic Curator for more details. 

Key Dates 

SHOW 1: BA Fine Art [Ceramics; Drawing; Gold and Silversmithing; Painting; Print; Sculpture; Video/Sound] 

Installation in Bldg 2, 4 and 37: Thursday 17 Nov-Sunday 20 Nov 

OH&S Walkthrough + Check:  Monday 21 Nov  9.30-4.30pm

Open to public: 22 Nov-27 Nov.

Deinstall: Monday 28 November  9.30am-4.30pm


Tues 22 Nov 1pm-9.30pm

Opening Night Event 5pm-8.30pm

Wed 23 Nov 11am-5pm

Wed 23 Nov Video/Sound/Painting Screening @ ACMI Cinema 2:  2pm

Thurs 24 Nov 11am-5pm

Friday 1pm-9pm (Late Night)

Saturday 25/Sunday 26 Nov 10am-4pm


SHOW 2: BA Photography, BA Honours Photography, MPhotography, BA Fine Art Honours, MFA, MA Art in Public Space 

Installation in Bldg 2, 4 and 6: Wednesday 30 Nov -Sunday 4 Dec 

OH&S Walkthrough + Check:  Monday 5 Dec 

Open to Public: 6 Dec-11 Dec 2022

Deinstall: Monday 12 December 9.30am-4.30pm

*Extended de-install hours may be possible. Seek advice from your Academic Curator.


Tues 6 Dec 1pm-9.30pm

Opening Night Event 5pm-8.30pm

Wed 7 Dec  11am-5pm

Thurs 8 Dec  11am-5pm

Friday 9 Dec  1pm-8pm (Late Night)

Saturday 10/Sunday 11 Dec 11am-5pm



  • Students are required to have work fully installed before the OH&S walkthrough
  • Students will invigilate the exhibitions
  • Students will be required to deinstall their works on day/times indicated.

Mobility Access: if you have friends/family who require mobility access to Building 4 level 5 during opening hours (other than opening night) please contact RMIT Security 03 9925 3895 and they will provide access.

AV Equipment: If you require AV equipment for your presentation please book equipment via the SoA Loans Store:

Online Graduate Profiles 2022 


The online Grad Profile site augments the on-campus grad show with background information about each graduating student with ‘behind the scenes documentation and information and links to social media and folio websites.


In preparation for the Grad Show at the end of the year, please complete your online grad profile by 30 September 2022 (Friday of Week 10).   

The working site is here:

Use your RMIT login to become a contributor to the website via this link:  

View the instructions and information here, using the password: INFO  

Once you submit your profile, it will be checked and published by an academic lead to coincide with the launch of the on-campus graduate exhibition. Please keep an eye out for emails asking for corrections and/changes after you submit!