Creative Time

Post written by Fiona Hillary

Creative Time Reports describes itself as “artists’ unflinching perspectives on the most challenging issues of our times.” As they say in their About page:

Creative Time Reports strives to be a global leader in publishing the unflinching and provocative perspectives of artists on the most challenging issues of our times. We distribute this content to the public and media free of charge.

Asserting that culture and the free exchange of ideas are at the core of a vibrant democracy, Creative Time Reports aims to publish dispatches that speak truth to power and upend traditional takes on current issues. We believe that artists play a crucial role as thought leaders in society, and are uniquely capable of inspiring and encouraging a more engaged and informed public, whether they are addressing elections or climate change, censorship or immigration, protest movements or politically motivated violence.

In an era of unprecedented interconnectedness, Creative Time Reports provides artists with a space to voice analysis and commentary on issues too often overlooked by mainstream media. We believe in the importance of highlighting cultural producers’ distinctive viewpoints on world events and urgent issues of social justice to ensure a livelier, more nuanced and more imaginative public debate.

The views expressed by artists and authors contributing to Creative Time Reports are those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the views of Creative Time. Creative Time is committed to free expression and supports artists in their efforts to move the needle of social justice by revealing new ways of looking at and understanding our world.”

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