How to become a curator of contemporary art?

‘Curating Contemporary Art’ is just one of the subjects investigated in the Masters of Arts (Arts Management). In this class, we look at the diverse discourses in relation to contemporary curating. Through lectures, class discussions and field trips we investigate this fascinating emerging field. Pictured here, students toured the contemporary art exhibition ‘Animal Kingdom’ at the the Johnston Collection in East Melbourne, a heritage house and collection. Students heard from the Guides and the Director/Curator Louis Le Vailliant about this unique collection put together by Mr William Robert Johnston (1911-1986) a Melbourne based antique dealer and collector. His collection is now managed by a trust and administered as a not-for-profit museum, with the organisation curating contemporary art exhibitions, in dialogue with the collection and museum site, giving the museum’s historic collection a contemporary edge. The curating contemporary art class will give you a chance to investigate curating from local, international, conventional and even quirky perspectives. This article in Artshub gives you an overview of the role of the contemporary curator, how the role has evolved and some tips for getting started in the field. Artshub Career Spotlight: Curator