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Setting up a digital folio

There are many platforms you might choose from when setting up an online folio, such as WordPress, Google Sites, Wix, Blogger, Weebly, Squarespace and many others. You could also choose to set it up on an artist networking site. The platform you use is not important, what matters is that you leave RMIT with the skills to create and manage your professional online presence. The pages on this site provide information about what to include on your site as well as examples of student and industry sites.

Check out these possible platforms to get started. The links go directly to the particular platform – here you will find set-up instructions for new users. There are a number of things you need to consider when you are setting up a digital folio.

Free platforms

Google Sites (see below)

Blogger (see below)

WordPress (see below)


Free and paid versions available




Considerations for using Google Sites & Blogger on your RMIT account

Google Sites and Blogger are available through your RMIT student account, or you can choose to use them with an external Gmail account. If you set up your digital folio with your RMIT account, you will need to transfer the sites to a personal account when you leave RMIT to maintain access:

  • For Blogger, you will need to transfer ownership of the blog to an external account.
  • For Sites, this will involve creating a copy of the site and changing the site URL. Also, RMIT Google Sites are only available to people with an RMIT account or those to whom you individually grant access. It is not possible to make an RMIT Google Site freely available for anyone to access.
Google Sites are available as part of your RMIT account, or you can use an external Google account to create one.

If you’re on a mobile or can’t view the Google Slides presentation below, open it here: Building a Google Site