Issue #14 – Safe Harbour

The Harbour issue tells of how a city is made through the skills and stories that people bring to it. It’s a chance to think of the city as a “crafted” entity, as its residents carve out a meaningful space for themselves from an otherwise anonymous metropolis. This includes waves of migrants that contribute to the expanding skill bank and cultural complexity of the city.

Garland is a platform for creative practice in the broader Indo-Pacific region. We are currently on a five-year journey across 21 creative centres to explore the value of what we make in the world. We are experimenting with different ways to tell the stories behind what we make, including longform essays, audio, video and social media. Besides a quarterly online magazine, we feature a Loop of information about what’s happening, an Orbit of major craft and design events in the region and a Circle of writers and artists exchanging ideas. Garland fosters thoughtful writing that appeals to a general readership who enjoy travel and value skill, creativity and a sense of place.