Queer(y)ing Creative Practice Reading Group!

QCP is an informal collective of RMIT artist academics, students, alumni and affiliates with an interest in queer creative practices. The QCP reading group is a place to come together once a month to discuss queer theory and current research happening in and around RMIT. 

When: 6-7.30pm

Where: The Lincoln

91 Cardigan Street, Carlton VIC 3053

Readings are:

The Black Tides of Heaven by Jy Yang



Monsters, Desire and the Creative Queer Body by Stacy Holman Jones and Anne Harris


PhD student J. Rosenbaum will facilitate the second reading group. These readings both weave together the subject of fantasy with gender and non-binary gender and experience of transness in particular. We can see the feeling of monstrousness contrasted with gender euphoria and the relationship between the binary society we live in where we are assigned a gender and are forced to prove otherwise, and a fantasy society where everyone defines their gender for themselves in their time. What does it mean for sexuality if gender is no longer fixed or rigidly assigned? And what does it mean for queerness as an identity? Both texts deconstruct gender and explore what it is to question who you are and your relationship to gender. What does acceptance look like and how can we express that in our work? 

J. Rosenbaum is an artist working with 3D modelling, Augmented Reality and Machine Learning. Their work explores posthuman and postgender concepts using classical art combined with new media techniques and programming. They recently started a PhD exploring gender through the lens of computer vision using physics based rendering, Deep Neural Networks and Unity to develop Augmented Reality enabled art.

Please RSVP through Eventbrite here to let us know you can make it.

The role of facilitator will rotate around the group in following meetings, so everyone has an opportunity to present current research and theory.

If you’re interested in facilitating a future session or would like PDF copies of the texts, please email Zoë at hello@zoebastin.com

All are welcome!