ART: History+Theory+Cultures

Please ensure you have enrolled in the ART: History+Theory+Cultures course in enrolment online before proceeding with preferencing.

(Note: There is a separate page for Fine Art Studio classes and a separate page for Workshop classes.)

The ART: History+Theory+Cultures classes will be for both first and second year students and will be offered under the following course codes:

ART2: History+Theory+Cultures HUSO 2401 (1st year)
ART3: History+Theory+Cultures HUSO 2403 (2nd year)

For year 2 students if you you would like to take one of these classes, you would need to have completed your university elective course in Semester 1.

Please check your student email for details about how to preference for Semester 2.

Please find link to the course guide HUSO2401 or HUSO2403.

IMPORTANT – You must not repeat any class in your preference lists. Every effort will be made to place you in your first preference classes. In addition, you must not repeat a class you have already completed.

To graduate from the  BP201P16 program you must successfully complete four Art: History+Theory+Cultures courses

Please note: although we would like to offer all of the Art: History+Theory+Cultures options below, classes are subject to viability and may not run if numbers are too low.

Course Information

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  • Open to all students

Semester 2, 2022
ART: History+Theory+Cultures

    Brook Andrew, The Cell, 2017, The Substation, Source:  event/brook-andrew-the-cell-2


    • Tammy Wong Hulbert
    • TBC
    • Mondays – 1hr online lecture followed by a 2hr face to face seminar class see below
    • Blended delivery
    • Open to art & photography students
    In this class you will be introduced to key developments, terms and concepts of modernism and their relevant cultural and historical contexts, with reference to issues that are central to practices and ideas in contemporary art. It focuses on the ways in which modernism challenges ideologies and institutions of art, including how artists critique modernism itself. Key topics will include: the avant-garde, industrialisation, abstraction, originality and reproduction, aesthetics and formalism, the ready-made, materiality and process, representation and identity. Material will be drawn from diverse practices from art, craft and design. This class is designed to provide you with a critical foundation and specialised context for your studio practice and to expand your experience, thinking, research and discussion of art.

    Contempory Asian Art


    Re-shaping worlds: histories, connections and global futures   

    • Kristen Sharp
    • TBC
    • Mondays 1hr lecture followed by a 2hr tutorial (Times TBC)
    • TBC – Face-to-face or online delivery due to COVID-19 restrictions
    • Open to art & photography students
    This course introduces you to a wide range of contemporary art practices and curatorial approaches in the Asia region, with a focus on China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Australia. It focuses on key themes that are merging through artistic and curatorial practices including: material histories, ecological futures, interfaces of art, design and architecture, re-imagining traditions and histories, decolonialism and art publics. It aims to give you an expanded perspective on art that will help you situate your own work and position in critical conversations in contemporary practice.