BA (Fine Art) Year 1

Welcome to the School of Art

Congratulations and welcome to RMIT University and the School of Art, one of the most highly regarded art schools in the Australia-Pacific region. Art has been taught at RMIT since 1887, and the School has a long and proud tradition of educating many of Australia’s foremost practicing artists and photographers, across all of its studio areas.

Our undergraduate program in Fine Art offers you the opportunity to specialise in one of the studio areas or to explore a range of studio areas in accordance with your own developmental needs. Academic staff will assist you in making informed decisions that ensure your enrolment best reflects your goals and aspirations. Studio practice is complemented by studies in Art History, Theory and Cultures, and a broad range of Student Electives.

At RMIT School of Art you become part of a rich international community of artistic practice. The School has established collaborative programs in Hong Kong and links with artists and art academies in Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, Europe and the USA.

We encourage you to engage enthusiastically and energetically with all that the School has to offer and I wish you well in your studies.

Professor Kit Wise
Dean, School of Art

Semester 1

In Semester 1 you need to enrol into the following courses: Fine Art Studio 1 (VART3644), Workshop 1 (VART3655) and Art1:History+Theory+Cultures (HUSO2399).

You will then be allocated to your classes based on your offering Studio, and your timetable will reflect this. Studios/coordinators are:

  • Ceramics - Studio Lead Kris Coad
  • Drawing - Studio Lead Greg Creek
  • Gold & Silversmithing - Studio Lead Mark Edgoose
  • Painting - Studio Lead Peter Ellis
  • Print - Studio Lead Richard Harding
  • Sculpture - Studio Lead Fleur Summers
  • Video - Studio Lead Greg Creek
  • Art:History+Theory+Cultures - Coordinator Clare McCracken

To graduate from the BA (Fine Art) program you must complete a total of 288 credit points and the courses as listed in the program plan. Fine Art Studios are worth 24 credit points, Workshops are 12 credit points, and Art:History+Theory+Cultures are 12 credit points.

From Year 2, you will start to take University Electives, which are also worth 12 credit points. Please refer to the program plan and the RMIT University Electives page.

NOTE: You do not need to preference your Semester 1 courses in Timetable; you will be allocated to your class based on your home studio.
You will be able to view your timetable in myTimetable from mid February.

Fine Art Studio 1 (VART3644)

This course introduces you to experiences that link your creative practice to the broader context of fine art. It is offered in partnership with the ART1: History+Theory+Cultures course. It introduces you to the material, conceptual and technical methods applicable to a specialized studio practice.

You will engage in a series of structured projects based upon studio, creation and enquiry to develop ideas about creativity and the histories and methods of art practice. You will create a range of artworks and related support materials. The aim of this course is to introduce you to the conventions and skills of making, analysing, researching, responding and discussing your own work and the work of others.

9:30am - 12:30pm & 1:30pm - 4:30pm
Note: All studios are run at this time

Ceramics - 04.01.01
Drawing - 04.05.05
Gold & Silversmithing - 02.01.03
Painting - 02.03.04.
Print - 49.02.04
Sculpture - 37.01.01
Video - 04.02.03

Please find link to the course guide.

Workshop 1 (VART3655)

This is an introductory workshop course that will introduce you to the craft of your discipline. You will engage with materials, processes, tools, technologies and focus on acquiring the skills required to make art works. This workshop will inform your practical studio investigations through a series of projects. You will also develop capacities to critically reflect upon, analyse and apply the technologies and processes within your specialised studio by considering the fundamental principles and elements of art.

9:30am  - 12:30pm (except Sculpture 1.30pm - 4.30pm)

Ceramics - 04.01.01
Drawing - 04.05.05
Gold & Silversmithing - 02.01.03., 02.01.04
Painting - 02.03.04.
Print - 49.02.04
Sculpture - 37.01.04
Video - 04.02.06

Please find link to the course guide.

Art: Theory + Histories + Cultures

Semester 2

From Semester 2, you will need to start preferencing your classes. Courses you will take are: Fine Art Studio 2 (VART3645), Workshop 2 (VART3650) and Art2:History+Theory+Cultures (HUSO2401).

Information about class options are available on the links below.

Flexible Term

Flexible Term Courses are those courses that are outside the standard Semester 1 and 2 dates. These may include the study tours, courses run over semester breaks, or intensives run throughout the year. These courses count as a university elective on your transcript.