BA (Fine Art) Year 3

In year three, students will develop and articulate a self-directed studio work proposal, as it relates to their own developing individual art practice and research interests. This takes into consideration, historical and contemporary discourses which contextualises their art practice within broader global frameworks and communities of practice, and is supported by critical feedback and reflection.

Students are also exposed to real world industry experiences and expertise through the Art Enterprise Workshop (Workshop 6). 

Semester 1

In Enrolment Online, you will need to enrol into: Fine Art Studio 5 (VART 3698), Workshop 5 (VART 3692) and Art 4: History+Theory+Cultures (HUSO 2425). 

You will need to preferencing your classes on Fine Art Studio 5 (VART 3698) and Workshop 5 (VART 3692). The preferencing process will be taking place in November/December, and will be communicated to you by Hong Kong Art School in due course.   

Information about class options on Fine Art Studio 5 (VART 3698) and Workshop 5 (VART 3692) are available on the links below. 

Fine Art Studio 5 (VART 3698)
In third year, semester one, you will focus on developing your artistic expression at an advanced level and within a global contemporary art context. You will identify formal, material and conceptual concerns through studio investigations and align these concerns with individual studio projects. You will define, research, document and present your ideas in consultation with academic staff and produce a studio work proposal. In this proposal, you will formulate and articulate the conceptual foundation for your practice, and justify the decisions you have made regarding mediums, materials and presentation strategies. You will continue to refine your technical and conceptual skills in order to produce a resolved body of artwork and a folio of experimental and developmental work for assessment.  

You will select one studio course (vertical course co-taught with Fine Art Studio 3) from the offerings. You can select a course from your specialisation or from another specialisation. However, it is important to seek academic advice from your specialisation coordinator prior to deciding. Please note the offering you select must be different to the one you selected in Fine Art Studio 3. 

Workshop 5 (VART 3692) 
In this course you will apply advanced knowledge, skills and methods of production appropriate to the craft of your discipline to establish self-initiated ways of making artworks. The focus will also be on developing openness to new technologies, skills and methods of production. You will consolidate your learning by developing self-directed studio artwork proposals and projects to express and communicate your conceptual ideas. You will employ an advanced working knowledge of the studio as a site for art making and professional practice. 

You will select one workshop course (vertical course co-taught with Workshop 3) from the offerings. You can select a course from your specialisation or from another specialisation. However, it is important to seek academic advice from your specialisation coordinator prior to deciding. Please note the offering you select must be different to the one you selected in Workshop 3. 

Art 4: History+Theory+Cultures (HUSO 2425)  Contextualising Practice
This final course builds on your skills and knowledge in art to provide a sophisticated conceptual, critical and theoretical framework for your own art practice. You will be exposed to a range of artists, ideas and practices and will locate and connect these in their appropriate cultural and historical contexts. You will focus on specialised topics and theoretical themes considered relevant to contemporary art practice and discourse to develop a critically reflective approach and to provide you with the skills and methods for applying this to your own practice. This class builds on and extends your previous skills and experiences in Art: History + Theory + Cultures to enable you to critically analyse, evaluate and write about your own art practice and to locate it within the broader context of art.

You will participate in guided discussions and workshops in class and develop independent research skills to critically examine current and historical practices and ideas in art relevant to your own practice. 

Semester 2

In Enrolment Online, you will need to enrol into: Fine Art Studio 6 (VART 3699), Workshop 6 (VART 3693) and University Elective (VART 2027). 

NOTE: You do not need to preference your courses; the School will allocate you to your class. You will be informed of your class schedule through email by Hong Kong Art School in due course. 

Fine Art Studio 6 (VART 3699) – Capstone Studio
Capstone Studio: Ceramics, Painting, Photography, Sculpture 

In the final capstone studio course, you will clarify and resolve your methodological and conceptual research through advanced studio investigation at a level commensurate with an undergraduate degree.  It is offered in partnership with the Art Enterprise Workshop (VART 3654).  

You will finalise and document a body of artwork and related research and refine a studio work proposal in consultation with academic staff that is appropriately referenced, diverse and internationally contextualised.

You will participate in individual and group work tutorials which specifically contextualise your work in relationship to contemporary art practice and prepare you for transition to a self-managed professional art practice or further study. 

This course includes a work integrated learning (WIL) experience in which your knowledge and skills will be applied and assessed in a real or simulated workplace context and where feedback from industry and/ or community is integral to your experience. 

Workshop 6 (VART 3693) – Art Enterprise Workshop 
This art enterprise workshop will introduce you to the relevant career, employment practices, enterprise formation opportunities, resources and arts industry networks to establish yourself as an independent art practitioner. This course will provide you with an understanding of professional and business practices that relate to being a contemporary artist.

You will be encouraged to develop entrepreneurial skills, design your own future and make contributions to the cultural and creative industries.

You will produce appropriate documentation of your work in a capstone digital folio that reflects the realisation and exhibition of your individual studio project. 

University Elective (VART 3730 Public Art Projects
This course introduces the practice of art in public spaces. You will explore a range of works created outside the conventional gallery or domestic environment including street installation, public painting and sculpture, light works, performative or relational works, virtual projects, art integrated within landscape and the built environment, ephemeral practices and social practices.

You will review and critique the role of these works in contributing to ideas of public space. Your investigation and reflections will inform how your work will develop and move into public spaces and inform the development of your projects about and for public space.