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Interested in learning how to create more engaging photographic images?

This is a fully online, University Elective course for RMIT students.

The course has been developed from the ground up and content has been produced specifically for online delivery.

Why should I study this course?

  • All lectures and workshops have been professionally recorded and edited as learning modules for online delivery.
  • The course is open and fully available from week 1.  You can engage at your own pace and watch all the video content over 12 weeks, or in 1 week (just like Netflix!).
  • There are of course assessments and deadlines, however the course has been developed specifically for self-pace.
  • There are several interviews with artists and a behind the scenes look at the National Gallery of Victoria.
  • There is an online community with discussion boards and a course Flickr group for you to post your images for feedback and engagement with class peers.

About the course

In this practical, hands on course you will explore photography as both a process and concept. This is investigated through an overview of historical and contemporary photographic ideas and practice. You will be exposed to a diverse range of significant local and international artists who draw upon a variety of photographic technologies in their practice, and investigate the language of photography and how it informs fine art photographic image making. The course provides you with opportunities to respond to lectures and explore ways of processing and articulating your own ideas with traditional and experimental photographic techniques. Class activities aim to engage you in applying photographic discourse to your contemporary art practice.

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The Art of Photography is a fully online photography course – to enrol use your student enrolment and add this course as one of your University Electives.

VART3511 The Art of Photography

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