School of Art - Flexible Term Courses

Flexible Term Courses are those courses that are outside the standard Semester 1 and 2 dates. These may include the study tours, courses run over semester breaks, or intensives run throughout the year. Details of Flexible Term 2021 School electives are listed below. 

To add a Flexible Term Course in Enrolment Online, choose the 'Additional Term' UGRD flexible term tab, select 'add classes', then 'class search' if looking for an elective or applicable year level or school option for BP117 students.

For more information about a course, please contact the Studio Lead of the offering studio or the course coordinator if listed.

Please note: although we would like to offer all of the courses below, courses are subject to viability and may not run if numbers are too low.

Course Information

  • Course Coordinator
  • Teacher
  • Contact hours
  • Location
  • Open to all students

Offering Studio & Studio Lead

  • AHTC – Tassia Joannides
  • Ceramics – Kris Coad
  • Drawing – Greg Creek
  • Gold & Silversmithing – Nicholas Bastin
  • Painting – Peter Ellis
  • Photography (BP117) – Alan Hill
  • Print – Richard Harding
  • Sculpture – Fleur Summers
  • Video – Martine Corompt
  • Program Course – Martine Corompt
Summer Courses


VART3470 Jewellery Fundamentals

  • Nicholas Bastin
  • Wk 1 18th January – 20th January 2021, Wk 2 27th January – 29th January 2021, 9:30am – 4:30pm. Assessment 9th February, 2021
  • 2.01.03 & 2.01.04
  • Open to BP201 students

In this course you will be introduced to the fundamental skills required in the making of jewellery and small-scale objects. You will investigate soldering techniques as the foundation to explore forming, pattern and texture on metal. You will explore new possibilities for creating jewellery and objects through the relationship to the body and experimentation with metals and other materials. This course will assist you to develop conceptual, perceptual, formal and aesthetic concerns as related to jewellery objects. 

For non Gold & Silversmithing students in BP201 please contact Admin via RMIT Connect portal to request permissions to enrol in the course, space dependent.

There will be material costs associated with this course for the purchase of silver solder and sterling silver metal. 

This course will run on campus dependent on Covid-19 restrictions and cannot be delivered online. 

*Please note: The last day to add this course is 18th January, 2021. The census date for this course is 23rd January, 2021. 



VART1221 Lithography: From drawing to print

  • Richard Harding
  • Start 20th January, 2021. Finish 29th January, 2021, 9:30am – 4:30pm. Assessment 5th February, 2021.
  • 49.02.18
  • Open to all students

Through practical workshops this course introduces and explores a range of processes and techniques of lithography as a medium for drawing. Line and wash techniques will be developed over a series of projects. This elective provides an introduction to lithographic skills processes, such as, preparing a stone, drawing on a stone, processing the stone with adding and subtracting to your image as well as providing ongoing students with an opportunity to extend existing skills. You will gain an understanding of safe handling of materials and processes within the lithography studio, and how to apply these to the visual expression of conceptual principles. 

*Please note: The last day to add this course is 2oth January, 2021. The census date for this course is 24th January, 2021.

VART1706 Photographic Lighting 2

  • Bronek Kozka
  • 8th – 26th Feb 2021 (schedule TBC but full-time commitment)
  • Blended delivery (with Studio access)
  • Open to BP117 students

The course places a strong emphasis on the acquisition and practical application of the skills applicable to commercial professional photography. You will learn the values of pre-production, research and the disciplines required, in order to problem solve issues related to the development and execution of highly conceptual ideas. 
Through these processes you will learn how to make effective decisions on different types of lighting, type of capture and the use of appropriate lenses and film to achieve various photographic effects.

*If you would like to enrol in this it will be listed under Year Two courses.   

*Please note: The last day to add this course is 12th February, 2021. The census date for this course is 13th February, 2021.