School of Art - Flexible Term Courses 2021

Flexible Term Courses are those courses that are outside the standard Semester 1 and 2 dates. These may include the study tours, courses run over semester breaks, or intensives run throughout the year. Details of Flexible Term 2021 School electives are listed below. 

To add a Flexible Term Course in Enrolment Online, choose the 'Additional Term' UGRD flexible term 2021 tab, select 'add classes', then 'class search' if looking for an elective or applicable year level or school option for BP117 students.


For more information about a course, please contact the Studio Lead of the offering studio or the course coordinator if listed.

Please note: although we would like to offer all of the courses below, courses are subject to viability and may not run if numbers are too low.

Course Information

  • Course Coordinator
  • Teacher
  • Contact hours
  • Location
  • Open to all students

Offering Studio & Studio Lead

  • AHTC – TBC
  • Ceramics – Kris Coad
  • Drawing – Greg Creek
  • Gold & Silversmithing – Mark Edgoose
  • Painting – Peter Ellis
  • Photography (BP117) – Alan Hill
  • Print – Richard Harding
  • Sculpture – Fleur Summers
  • Video – Greg Creek
  • Program Course – Martine Corompt
Mid Semester Courses


VART1969 Drawing Intensive

  • Greg Creek
  • Semester Intensive: Start: Monday 2 August; End: Monday 4 October Assessment date 11 October 2021
  • Online: Monday 5.30pm – 9.30pm
  • Open to BP201 & BP117 students

This is an intensive course in drawing. It is designed to establish a sound foundation for articulating drawn visual imagery from both observed reality and concepts. This includes exploring fundamentals of drawing from the figure, the inanimate subject, spatial perspectives and an application of these elements in the context of ideas and process, notions of display and critical feedback. 

The course is based within the genres of analytical drawing and visual field drawing and includes a self-directed Drawing project that will provide participants with the opportunity to develop resolved drawings combining elements from the previous experiences of the intensive as well as other approaches to making and installing from their own area of study. Theoretical and conceptual discussion is an ongoing component of the intensive in addition to videos, reading lists, feedback forms, documentation and group discussions. 

Please find link to the course guide. 

Summer Courses

Please be careful, 2020, Sarah Douglass, RMIT Public Art Trail

VART2027 Public Art Projects

  • Martine Corompt
  • Summer Intensive: Start: Thursday 2nd December; End: Friday 10th December Assessment date 13 December 2021
  • Building 50: 10.00am – 4.00pm
  • Open to all students

This course introduces the practice of art in the public realm. Building on your existing studio practice, you will explore public art through temporary, permanent, performative, sculptural and social contexts, researching art situated outside galleries and institutions, and often integrated within landscapes and the built environment.

 Through a series of lectures, public provocations, group discussions and prompted walks, you will review and critique how art can contribute to ideas of public space.

 Your investigations and reflections will inform how your work will develop and intervene with public space, and on completion of the course you will have developed the foundations for an industry-ready public art proposal.

Note: If you need to catch up on workshop 2/3/4 or 5 you can use this elective course code to cover that.