Photoshop Playlist is an online resource site for learning software.  The lessons and videos will introduce you to the core concepts of photographic software, and show you, step by step, how to do certain things in application like Photoshop and Lightroom.  The extensive nature of these resources means we do not have to cover the basics of application features and tasks in class.

All RMIT students have free access to the entire library of resources.  However, like anything, there are good lessons and there are bad lessons.  The following playlist is a recommended list of lessons and videos to access for learning Photoshop and Lightroom.

The playlist is a series of lessons selected by Shane Hulbert.  Please note the following suggestions when viewing lessons in

  • You do not have to watch everything or complete the lesson.  When I mention topics, features or ways of doing things in Photoshop during class, take note of the things you are unsure about and find them in the lessons.  For example, if I talk about Adjustment Layer Masks as a way of editing images, watch the tutorial videos on Adjustment Layer Masks here if you do not understand how they work or how to use them.
  • The player in allows for speed changes.  Watch videos at x1.5 to x1.75 speed, then slow them down if there are specific things you do not understand.
  • Take note of any questions and ask me during class.

You must access through the RMIT library link.  For instructions on accessing visit the Portal post Accessing Online Resources.

Access the Photoshop for Photography playlist.