Submitting images for competitions & curators

When submitting images to competitions or curators, follow these important conventions to ensure you meet guidelines, as well as provide easy access to information about the images.  The key messages in this post might improve your exposure and chances of selection.

Submitting to a competition or prize.

Competitions will stipulate entry requirements for images.  These can be quite general, such as a time requirement, or specific to a theme, or they can be open.  They will also provide guidelines on how to submit images, such as these from the Australian Photography Awards, and this will often include how to name images and the size of the files.  Be mindful, sometimes they will want names, other times they will want to be anonymous.  When submitting images for competitions, always follow the guidelines.

Submitting to galleries or responding to requests for images.

When a curator or gallery asks you for images, it is often because they are considering you and your work for a specific show.  In this case you will want to be as helpful as possible, and provide as much detail as possible.  This will work in your favor and may increase the likelihood of your work being selected.  Consider the instructions below for information on how to name and submit files.

If you follow all of the above, your submission to a curator for an exhibition should like something like this;

Featured image licensed under CC (Creative Commons) from here