Territories: Pingyao International Photography Festival 2018

Presented at the 18th Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIPF) in the Pingyao Ancient City, central Shanxi province, mainland China, Territories showcases recent Bachelor of Arts (Photography)(Honours), Masters of Photography and PhD student work from RMIT Photography.  Founded in 2001, the PIPF is one of the ‘top 10 festivals in China’, recently winning the award of “China’s most internationally influential festivals’ from the International Festivals & Events Association.

We live in a global world where new economies, communities and social networking systems are emerging, yet we remain defined by physical, social and psychological ‘borders’ that, in part, define our sense of identity and belonging.  Territories represents a creative opportunity for photographers and artists to explore what being in a global world means for citizens of different cultural backgrounds and nations.

Features works by Liss Fenwick (PhD), Yiannis Galanopoulos (PhD), Pia Johnson (PhD), Bronek Kozka (PhD), Kate McWilliam (Hons), Loc Nguyen (Masters), Kate Robinson (PhD), Georgia Smedley (Hons), Nick Walton-Healey (PhD), James Whiting (Hons), Michelle Williams (Masters) & Shang-Lien Yang (Masters).

Lead curators Shane Hulbert & Tammy Wong Hulbert. Curators from the RMIT Curatorial Collective Xueqi Wang, Natha Snagboon, Qianfang You, Rudraksh Thumar, Yalun Gong & Chun Wai Yeung

  • Pia Johnson Porpor House Kitchen Wall 2016
  • Pia Johnson Porpor House Bookshelves 2016
  • Pia Johnson Porpor House 9752 2016
  • Michelle Williams Uyuni #4 2017
  • Michelle Williams Uyuni #2 2017
  • Bronek Kozka Surveillance #001 2018
  • Bronek Kozka Surveillance #003 2018
  • Bronek Kozka Surveillance #005 2018
  • Georgia Smedley Untitled 1 2018
  • Georgia Smedley Untitled 2 2018
  • James Whiting Untitled, Boyle Heights #2, September 2017
  • James Whiting Untitled, Boyle Heights #1, September 2017
  • James Whiting Untitled, Lincoln Heights, February 2017
  • Kate McWilliam Untitled #1
  • Kate McWilliam Untitled #2
  • Kate McWilliam Untitled #3
  • Kate Robertson NAAI 2017
  • Kate Robertson SIGARATA 2017
  • Kate Robertson TUUNG 2017
  • Liss Fenwick - Lorna, Camooweal, Queensland 2017
  • Liss Fenwick - Mark, Aileron, Northern Territory 2017
  • Loc Nguan Eye Young 2018
  • Loc Nguan Mouth Young 2018
  • Nick Walton-Healey His Story - Ian Garadji with his mother's parents, 2017
  • Nick Walton-Healey Phillip Jangala, Nicholas Walton-Healey & Ian Garadji, Dundee, 2016
  • Nick Walton-Healy Men's Program - Rob Lewis, Ian Garadji, Ivan Garadji & Phillip Jangala, 2017
  • Shang Yang Untiled #1 2018
  • Shang Yang Untiled#2 2018
  • Fish Out Of Water
  • Rock Blocks And The Zen Legoland
  • View Through This