Artist profile

In your ePortfolio, tell your peers and lecturers something about yourself and how you live in the world. Create a page that includes a selfie video and upload examples of your artworks. The video below explains how your lecturers developed the Selfie project and provides some examples of selfie videos made by art students. An artist profile should also include an artist’s statement. Instructions for developing an artist’s statement and artwork proposal can be found in this menu list.

Selfie Video

The selfie video is a fun activity that introduces you to your peers, lecturers and other students. In your own space and time, make a short 1 minute ‘selfie’ video introducing yourself and responding to the idea ‘how I live in the world’. Take some time to check out the selfie videos of your classmates and reflect on how your own views may be shaped, informed or enhanced by other students’ ideas. You can make more than one selfie video.

The ‘Selfie Video’ should be a snapshot of you introducing yourself, and having a first response to “how you live in the world”.

Following are other sections of the ePortfolio to develop:

While you are at university you can use your ePortfolio to document the processes and methods you use to create artworks. Create a ‘My Studio’ page and use that space to describe and document the work you do in your studio courses. You might create sub-pages that relate to the specific courses you are currently enrolled in. This is a great way for you to keep a record of your studies for the duration of your studies at RMIT. Most platforms allow you to configure a page so that you can add links to artist websites that you think are designed well and whose work you are interested in. Most platforms will also allow you to add evidence or other artefacts by adding files or adding weblinks.