Advanced photographic editing in Photoshop

The following processes are designed to expand the visual possibilities of photographic images in Adobe Photoshop.  These processes consider the language of photography and how to work with light, tone and colour in ways that ‘replicate’ more traditional methods and ideas around image editing.  This makes working with Blending Modes ‘feel’ more photographic, in particular the results the way results are dependent on the layers being blended and the tone / colour characteristics of the photographic image being edited.

These methods use advanced Photoshop processes utilizing Masking, Blending Modes and Adjustments.  If these principles are new to your, or if you are uncertain about how to use them in Photoshop, consider watching some of the online resources videos available through

Advanced editing uses Blending Modes extensively.

Shane’s TOP 5 Advanced Moves in Photoshop

The following 5 ‘moves’ make extensive use of Blending Modes, and introduce you to a way of thinking photographically about how to edit images.



Image Credit: Shane Hulbert Liberty, Wham Glam, 2017 105 x 135cm, Archival pigment print []